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LTU version - UAB MATRIX orders and goods information system.

Prices are in LTL(Lithuanian Litas) including VAT Value Added Tax (21%).
If you would like to calculate the price in EUR, please divide existing price in LTL by 1.21 to deduct VAT, and divide by 3.4528 (EUR/LTL exchange rate) - Price_LTL / 1.21 / 3.4528 = Price_EUR without VAT.
Delivery in Vilnius 10lt if total amount is lower than 100lt, 5lt if amount if 500-1000lt, and is free of charge if amount > 1000lt, other cities in Lithuania 10-15LTL, depending on weight. Other countries see
or other carriers, like DHL, UPS, Fedex, etc. Usually wordwide delivery charge is 20-30 USD.

Searching for products:
for example you need 1GB SD card, then enter in the field "Ieškoti = Search ": sd 1gb. Searching for other goods is carried out in the same way - you need to enter a few keywords. Sequence of words does not matter. Below  this button is "Detali paieška" link, which means "Detailed search", where you can search for aproduct  by category, price interval/range in LTL, stock availabiluty (choose "Sandėlyje").

Explanation of stock quantities:
- number or number with sign + (for example 5+) - are in stock more than 5 units, delivery after ordering in 1 day;
- (uzs 5d) means products are delivered from EU warehouses in 5 working days after order; accordingly (uzs 10d) means products delivered in 10 workdays after order;
- number with comma, like 10,00 means Poland warehouses, delivery in  a week after order;
- 3(*17) - means that 3 pieces are available in Lithuanian warehouses, and 17 pieces in Finland or Polish warehouses;
- 2008.12.23(*150) - for example means that arrival to Lithuania is on 12.23 day, in Finland or other remote warehouses are available 150 pieces of goods;
- (dash) means that no available in stock, if you order, the item would be delivered in 2-3 weeks, please call/write e-mail in this case for availability;
- concrete date - (for example 2008 12 06) - means arrival of goods is expected on this date, which indicated;
- quantity and quantity in brackets with asterisk, for example 0(*20) - means 0 pieces are in Lithuanian warehouses, and 20 pieces are in Finland or Polish warehouses, when ordered delivery in 2-3 days;
- quantity and date in brackets - for example 0(*2008-12-07) means 0 pieces are in Lithuanian warehouses, and to indicated date will be received in Finland, when ordered delivery in 2-3 days after that date;

Price levels:
I level - for usual internet clients; II - for dealers, which resell goods to other end users, to students and schoolkids, pensioners;
these prices are valid for separate parts, when payment received in advance, or in cash (not valid when buying through contracts). When paying according contracts prices are agreed separately. Registration of clients is made here: . When registering you should fill all fields (address, phone etc.), if you enter only e-mail, prices will be calculated 1 level.
Personal code is not needed (it is at your option). If you enter your personal identity code, you agree that it would be kept in our database.

Basket information:
When ordering basket goods, please indicate the following information:
1. Method of payment - bank transfer, cash, credit card, Paypal? (if you pay by bank transfer, our account is indicated below).
2. Where to send goods, to what city, what address? Or you will take the ordered goods in our office?
3. Indicate exactly your address, phone, e-mail, city, if buyer a company - all company's data, company code, VAT code, contact person, in order to easier communicate you.
4. When you want to receive the goods? (time convenient to you, day of week, how many days you can wait after order).

1. Should you firstly send the goods to me, and I pay later, o should I pay firstly, and then receive goods?
- firstly you should pay into our account or in cash, and then we in 1 day (usually) send the goods (see explanation of stock quantities). Payment postponement is applied only to regular clients, which have confirmed credit level by our administration.
2. How much will cost shipment, and will I need to take by myself in post office?
- shipment to any Lithuanian place usually costs ~10-15lt. Exact delivery prices are in or in bus station delivery department. You should take the goods by yourself when we deliver through bus station. Bizpak and other carriers delivers goods right to you address.
3. How much days I could expect to receive ordered goods?
- purchased goods usually ships in 1-2 days after payment or after deposit reception.
4. How is carried out warranty service and repairs, if I live in other city than Vilnius, and your office in Vilnius?
- warranty is carried out in Vilnius, in our technical center. If you have defective goods, You should send through bus station or carrier to our address (for example When repaired we will send back to your address free of charge. If goods are being repaired more than three times during warranty term, we will change it to a new one.

Ways of paying for ordered items, goods:
1. By cash or credit, debit card when taking them in our office.
2. By bank transfer, our account is in Hansabank, when paying through ( you need to enter like this:. Receivers description: MATRIX UAB, Receivers account: LT807300010000560246, Receivers code: 125330918, Clients code in receivers information system: leave empty or enter your registration number., Total: price of the goods in LTL or EUR, Payment purpose: for what goods you are paying, Fee code: leave empty. In any case of questions please write by e-mail:
3. By PAYPAL system , our official Paypal account id: Please add about 2% charge when paying by Paypal, bacause they charge us for money reception. Indicate your shipping address, and for what items you are paying.
4. By leasing in our office (you can send your personal/company data before going to us, and we will check availability of credit for you in leasing companies.

MATRIX UAB, Vytenio str. 10, LT-03112 Vilnius city, Lithuania, Central Europe , EU
Tel./Fax: +370(5)2333549, 2134574, 2159106, 2159105; Fax.: +370(5)2333549
GSM: +370(698)39001, +370(614)61020;
Company code: 125330918, VAT payers code: LT253309113 (VAT is 21% in Lithuania)
Account No LT807300010000560246 , AB "Swedbank", bank code: 73000, SWIFT: HABALT22